Thomas L. Duclert
Fashion photographer
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Thomas L. Duclert is a photographer fascinated by fashion’s picture.

His work as a fashion photographer and advertising photographer is a pure expression of his vision of women: gorgeous and self-confident, almost haughty or arrogant, always out of reach. In his hypersensual images, the woman dominates her universe and plays with her feminity while creating a distance with others and her surroundings.

He is influenced in it by two masters, Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton.

In this artistic step, Thomas L. Duclert works with Claire, his wife, his agent and the art director on most of his shootings.
By working together, they give birth to strong images that tell us stories of dazzling women with a very « French Touch ».

Since 2005, Thomas L. Duclert have numerous French, American, Japanese, Chinese clients with whom he collaborates frequently on advertising campaigns, catalogs, look-books produced in France but also in Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Milan, St Barth…

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